We are passionate about pure taste of apple cider!

Estonia is a nation of innovators. When we’re inspired, you can count on us to build something truly game-changing. Take technology – since 1997, we have been working to become the world’s first digital nation. In 2001, we declared internet access a human right. We famously brought the world closer together with Skype.

And when we combine that innovation with the pure inspiration of Estonia’s nature, something truly magical happens.

At Siidrikoda we are proud to be the oldest cider house in Estonia. But you can bet, we are no ordinary cider house. This is Estonia, after all.
There is a long tradition of growing apples in Estonia – and the climate of Valgjärve in Southern Estonia, where Siidrikoda is based, has allowed our orchard of 8000 trees of specially selected varieties to flourish. But without a long history of domestic cider making to limit them, our experts at Siidrikoda were free to bring an innovative eye to a traditional craft.

Thanks to extensive research and experimentation, we use only the best apple cultivars for cider making. We believe our customers deserve products with character. As we produce only vintage ciders, our drinks reflect the year in which the fruit was grown. But we are open to using research to refine tradition. This has allowed us to match our exquisite apples with the most appropriate yeasts and the best production methods, to create products which win gold and silver medals on the world stage. Products we are truly proud to share.

Terviseks! That’s cheers, in Estonian. A warm, welcoming, glass-clinking cheers, from our little Nordic gem. We hope you enjoy all that we – and Estonian nature – can offer you.


iso-9001The mission of the Siidrikoda is to produce high quality, natural, fermented beverages and other products from the apples grown in Estonia, and thus promote the culture of premium-class craft ciders in Estonia. We are committed to meeting all the requirements and continuously improving the company’s management system, therefore we have acquired the ISO 9001 certificate.

The guiding principles for the quality standards of the Siidrikoda are based on our mission. We are committed to increasing the value of apples grown in Estonia and our goal is to produce tasty products which meet high health and food safety standards.


Sulev NõmmannSulev Nõmmann, PhD, CEO/Business Strategy, After many years abroad in high level public service, Sulev established an apple orchard in Southern Estonia in 2006 with the primary objective of linking his family life back with Estonia. The long-term vision was to launch a food and beverage company based on self-grown goods. OÜ Siidrikoda was founded in 2011.

Rain KuldjärvRain Kuldjärv is in charge of R&D. He has a Master’s degree in Food Technology and Product Development and is also working towards his doctorate in the same field. Rain’s daily activities are closely linked to both sensory and instrumental analysis and the study of various fermentation processes. He is our experimentation and lab guy!

Tea NõmmannTea Nõmmann, the senior manager – responsible for quality management (ISO 9001:2015), bureaucracy, and keeping too high-flying ideas under control. Tea also knows how to communicate with bees who do the admirable work of pollinating the apple orchards. Without them, this business would not work.

Kalev Abiline, an expert in industrial automation, maintains our production facilities. Living in a neighbouring village, he is always close by to provide solutions to all technical production related problems.

Ingmar NõmmannIngmar Nõmmann, the youngest of the Siidrikoda team, brings his savvy social media skills to the table. Although still a high school student, Ingmar manages the website and social media for Siidrikoda, and is actively developing the e-commerce side of the business.

Christopher NõmmannChristopher Nõmmann, a student in Estonian Academy of Arts, is our industrial designer. Christopher’s creative contribution is evident in Siidrikoda’s product design and visuals.

Ene Joosep, the Production Assistant, is diligently involved in the daily production of Siidrikoda. She can perfectly handle daily production routines.