Nordic Apple Blossom Festival – May 2021

Come dive into a sea of apple blossoms and discover what the nature of Southern Estonia has to offer!

Every year during spring time over 9000 apple trees in our orchards set on a journey. This journey starts with a single apple blossom and grows synchronously into a whole ocean of blossoms. On this long and adventurous journey the blossoms will slowly turn into xxx and innovative ciders and sparkling juices.

For us, this event symbolizes more than just the beauty of nature. It represents the beginning of a whole new cycle – not only in nature, but in all of our lives as well. ILO FEST is meant to celebrate new beginnings – be it in nature or in our own lives. It’s this otherworldly experience which we wish to share with you!

This year KODAS restaurant has put together picnic baskets containing all the best treats and drinks just for you.

Location: Siidrikoda
Dates: May (the exact beginning of blossoming depends on the weather)
Time: 10-19:00 every half hour
Duration: As long as you wish
Booking: 5€/group*
* 1 group = 1 car
NB! The booking is accepted after the payment on our e-shop.
If needed, you may change the time of your booking. In order to do that, let us know at least 24h before your booking begins by writing to or calling +372 59047473.

NB! Got to Cart to confirm booking. Take me to cart

Pre-order a picnic basket for two on your orchard visit:

What you’ll find in the basket:
With Meat – Savory sandwiches, tar-tar, almond ricotta with smoked berries, thousand layer potatoes, cheese sauce, dessert.
Vegetarian – Savory sandwiches, salad pocket, almond ricotta with smoked berries, thousand layer potatoes, herb cream dip, dessert.
Pick a your preferred basket with your favorite drink!

NB! Due to large demand the picnic baskets are sold out from 01.06 to 02.06 and on 05.06.

For Photographers:
Wish to organize a photo shoot with your clients in a sea of apple blossoms? Contact us and we’ll find a suitable solution for you!