Call for tenders

In association with increasing the capacity and effectiveness of its production Siidrikoda OÜ hereby announces the following tender:

  • Steam boiler (tender offer submitting deadline 22.05.2020 16:00 GMT +3 (Estonian time), deadline for signing the contract 05.06.2020, installation must be completed by 31.09.2020).

For additional information, please register to the tender in the Estonian E-Procurement Register (reference number 222479)

The project is applying for support from the European Union Regional Development Funds (Project number 2014-2020.4.03.19-0525).

This is not a public procurement defined by the Public Procurement Act. However, the tender
process follows the principles of Public Procurement Act § 3.

Procurement notice

Due to the increased manufacturing capacity and efficiency improvements, Siidrikoda Ltd is announcing the following procurement:

Boiler and fruit puree line tender, including 3 Lots:

      • Lot 1 boiler tender;
      • Lot 2 fruit puree line tender;
      • Lot 3 Complete line tender; 

Deadline of procurement 18th of September 2019 16.00 GMT +3, signing of agreement 25th of September 2019, delivery of works for Lot 1 31st of December 2019, for Lot 2 and for Lot 3 30th of March, 2020. 

Additional procurement information is available from contact person Marko Err or via State Procurements Registry procurement notice (213074)

The project has applied for financing for European Regional Development Fund (Project number 2014-2020.4.03.19-0525).