Open Farm Day At Siidrikoda 2020

18th to 19th July

What can you experience at Siidrikoda this year?
After an intense year of hard work the results of our rapid development are beginning to show. Our new production facility is now in its last phase of interior decoration. This means that you can see first-hand how our production will look like this autumn.

– Tours in our new production facility; 18th and 19 July every half hour
– Experience extraordinary musical performances:
Siidrikoja House Band – 18th July and 19th July
Titoks – 18th July at 5PM
Arg Part – 19th July at 4PM
– Enjoy the bakery of Tillu Kodukohvik and the juicy burgers of Priidu Burksid
– Spend time in the wonderful hilly nature of Southern Estonia
– Enjoy all of our products
– Experience some cool surprises we have in store

Take your time off, pack your family and friends and come experience a really memorable weekend at Siidrikoda!